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MPLRDC 1st Anniversary Celebration

日期 | Date : 10-03-2023 (星期五)

时间 | Time : 3pm

地点 | Venue: 马来西亚民众图书馆及研发中心 (MPLRDC)

金丝带 | 文史资料保存全国宣导运动

Golden ribbon | Cultural and Historical documentation preservation national campaign



History, Culture and Construction of Sungai Lembing’s Tin Mine
时间 | Date : 23-10-2022 (星期日)
地点 | Venue: 马来西亚民众图书馆及研发中心 (MPLRDC)


Talk:How to exhibit and protect the representative sites of Sungai Lembing’s Town, provide services to the public and revitalize the town? talk about the rise and fall of this tin mining town, and explore the future development direction of Sungai Lembing.

金丝带 | 文史资料保存全国宣导运动

Golden ribbon | Cultural and Historical documentation preservation national campaign


September 18 Incident and Chinese Drama in Malaysia

日期 | Date : 23-09-2022
地点 | Venue: MPLRDC, Level 2 Wisma HELP l 民众图书馆, 精英大厦二楼




Arouse the public’s attention to historical materials, restore the brilliance of dusty historical materials, and call on everyone to actively participate in the preservation of historical materials. In addition, it also offers care and support to literary and historical workers.



Mid-Autumn Chinese Music & Songs
Chinese Festival Celebration

日期 | Date: 09-09-2022
地点 | Venue: 4th Floor Auditorium, Wisma CL, HELP University
节目包括 : 中秋华乐歌曲呈献 | 节日美食 | 聚首团圆
Activities: Celebration of the Mooncake Festival with music and songs | Festival Foods served | Gathering

活动 : 探访交流会

Activity: Visitation & Gathering

文冬及林明民众图书馆 探访与交流 

Bentang and Sg Lembing Public Library Visitation & Gathering

日期 | Date : 23-07-2022
地点 | Venue: Sungai Lembing, Kuantan Pahang l 林明,关单彭亨
Activities: 3 MPL visit and gather at Sungai Lembing MPL, Pahang


Dragon Boat Festival Celebration


Chinese Rice Dumpling  (zongzi) Wrapping
Noodle Making Workshop

日期 | Date: 21-05-2022
地点 | Venue: Gallery Wisma CL, HELP University
节目包括 : 粽子竹叶包裹与手艺艺术 | 传统面条手工制作 | 端午讲座
Activities: Chinese Rice Dumpling (zongzi) Wrapping | Traditional Noodle Making | Dragon Boat Festival Talk

Activities Photos: Photo & Workshop

Further Reading: Dragon Boat Festival

活动 :讲座会

Activity: Talk

通胜之书 | The Use and Knowledge of the Chinese Almanac (Tung Shing)

时间 | Date : 11-03-2022
地点 | Venue:  精英大厦二楼,吉隆坡 Second Floor, Wisma HELP, Kuala Lumpur

讲员 | Speaker: 许鸿方大师 Master Kenny Hoo

活动 :迁馆重开典礼

Activity: Opening Ceremony

马来西亚民众图书馆及研发中心 迁馆重启 开幕典礼  

Malaysian Public Library, Research and Development Centre Opening Ceremony

时间 | Date : 11-02-2022
地点 | Venue:  精英大厦二楼,吉隆坡 | Second Floor, Wisma HELP, Kuala Lumpur



Cultural Activities Need To Be Promoted

Malaysian Chinese are among the overseas Chinese, the most complete ethnic group that maintains and inherits Chinese cultural traditions! Therefore, you can often see the emergence of traditional festivals and religious celebrations with strong Chinese culture in Malaysia.

The ancestors of Malaysian Chinese mostly come from Fujian Province, Guangdong Province, Hainan Province and Guangxi Province, so they have inherited the fine traditional Chinese culture very well, and have been committed to promoting and carrying forward the major Chinese traditional festivals and religious celebrations in Malaysia.

Almost every month, Chinese Malaysians can be seen celebrating traditional festivals or religious celebrations. For example, during the Lunar New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival, the streets and alleys are full of red lanterns; during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the streets are full of colorful flags, as well as the singing stage and theatrical troupe to reward the gods; the streets and alleys during the birthday of the Nine Emperor Gods are fluttering yellow flags, vegetarian The various delicacies at the stalls are also mouth watering! It can be seen that Malaysian Chinese really love traditional culture and festivals, and have been working hard to pass on it.

There are many traditional Chinese festivals. We have listed the most important festivals and religious celebrations. If there is any omission, we will make up for it as soon as possible.

Malaysian Chinese celebrated festivals: (Sample)






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