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二零二二年 中秋华语音乐与歌曲晚会

Mid Autumn Chinese Music & Songs Event 2022




热烈欢迎大家与屡奖无数的Dama Group一起以音乐和歌曲欢度中秋节。

日期:2022年9月9日 (星期五)


地点:Wisma CL Auditorium, Jalan Sri Semantan, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur


Dama Sextet将透过二胡(中国小提琴),笛子(中国长笛)和柳琴(中国曼陀林),以音乐呈现出多变动人的情感。全国冠军女高音杜君宁 Evelyn Toh将献唱经典华语流行歌曲。


7.00pm – 抵达并享用便食

8.00pm-8.50pm – 表演

9.00pm – 节日小吃 – 品尝中秋的味道

入场费 RM100.00 (用于资助马来西亚民众图书馆及研发中心教育基金项目)




Dama Asia: 节目包括流行的中国音乐和由大马亚洲音乐剧院和伊芙琳女士演唱的歌曲。Dama 是一家屡获殊荣的剧院公司,以其在国内外广受好评的作品而闻名。女高音 Evelyn Toh 是 2004 年全国声乐比赛的总冠军。

马来西亚民众图书馆及研发中心 (MPLRDC):马来西亚民众图书馆及研发中心是一个非政府非盈利组织,一个为所有社区提供阅读和参考服务的公共图书馆。它位于吉隆坡龙运路的精英大厦(Wisma HELP)。本馆也促进对中华文化和遗产在马来西亚建立多元文化和社会凝聚力中。

MPLRDC Mid Autumn Music & Songs Chinese poster final jpg

Mid-Autumn Chinese Music and Songs

In aid of the Education Fund of the Malaysian Public Library Research and Development Centre

7.00pm Friday 9 September 2022 || Auditorium, Wisma CL, HELP University

Aim: This event is presented to aid the Education Fund of the Malaysian Public Library Research and Development Centre (MPLRDC) via a celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival (Mooncake Festival).

Mid-Autumn Festival: The Mid-Autumn Festival is the second most important festival in the Chinese calendar after Chinese New Year. Families reunite to feast and watch the moon on the 15th day of lunar August when it is believed to be at its fullest.

Dama Asia: The programme comprises popular Chinese music and songs performed by the Dama Asia Music Theatre and Ms Evelyn Toh.

Dama is a multiple-award winning theatre company, known for their critically acclaimed productions here and abroad. Soprano Evelyn Toh was the Grand Champion in the 2004 National Vocal Competition.

MPLRDC: MPLRDC, an NGO, is a public library providing reading and reference services for all communities. It is located in Wisma HELP, Jalan Dungun, KL. It also promotes the appreciation of the role of Chinese culture and heritage in building multiculturalism and social cohesion in Malaysia.

MPLRDC Education Fund: This priority project aims to help high school students from low-income groups to achieve their higher education goals and nurture their intellectual skills and capabilities as a foundation for a productive and fulfilling life. Tax deductible donations to the Education Fund in lieu of attendance at the performance will be gratefully received.


Mid-Autumn Chinese Music and Songs


大约180位出席此由马拉西亚民众图书馆及研发中心与精英大学联合主办的中秋华语音乐与歌曲晚会。来临的嘉宾们在欢庆中秋佳节的到来同时,除了享受了由DAMA ASIA音乐团体呈献的音乐盛宴,也趁此音乐会,与九未重逢的亲朋戚友聚首。


The Mid-Autumn Festival Chinese Music and Song Celebration ended successfully on the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

About 180 guests attended the Mid-Autumn Festival Chinese Music and Song that organized by the Malaysian Public Library, Research and Development Centre and HELP University. While celebrating the arrival of this Mid-Autumn Festival, the coming guests not only enjoyed the music feast presented by the DAMA ASIA group, but also took a chance of this concert celebratiob time to gather with their relatives and friends who had reunited with Jiuwei.

The festive food such as moon cakes, water chestnuts, etc. are also prepared on the same night, so that the beautiful chinese culture of the Mid-Autumn Festival can be revisited and continue.

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