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Malaysian Public Library, Research and Development Centre (马来西亚民众图书馆与研发中心), formerly known as Malayan Public Library Association (马来亚民众图书馆协会), was established on March 31, 1955 and has a history of more than 65 years.


In the early stage of the establishment of the library in 1953,the committees have taken initial steps to set up an “experimental”library in the new village in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor which 2 libraries in Jinjang and one each in Serdang, Sungei Way and Semenyih. They also set up fees system and charged each member; RM1.00 for adult and RM0.50 for student of entrance fee. However, monthly subscription fee for adult was RM0.40 and student was RM0.20. With the popularity of this “experimental”project in the five new villages mentioned above, the committee rapidly introduced this “experimental”project to other new villages and small towns all over the country.


In the beginning, as a central library, Malayan Public Library Association (MPLA) is located in the Chinese Assembly Hall, the collection of book has reached 50,000 by 1962. In year 1955, this Association was official launched and yet has established 62 libraries with a total collection of 150,000 books and a total membership of 20,000. The library also cooperates with local youth organizations and cultural and educational organizations to organize recreational activities as well as promote library services.


In order to be more “Malayan”element, the MPLA has established 22 Malay libraries on the eve of Malaya independence. This rapid development has brought MPLA into a peak period, moreover with the financial support of the colonial government, 400 adult language classes have been set up to teach Chinese, English and Malay in beginning of year 1956.  By the end of the same year, there were 700 adult language classes。After three years of development, there are 150 Chinese libraries and 80 Malay libraries.

New Location of Library, 2nd Floor, Wisma HELP, Jalan Dungun 50490 Kuala Lumpur


The library was originally located on the ground floor of Sam Mansion (behind the Chinese Assembly Hall in Kuala Lumpur). It has now been relocated to the Wisma HELP campus of HELP University, in Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.


Over many years, the library was managed by the council board. In 2002, Kuala Lumpur HELP University College (吉隆坡精英大学学院) was invited to join the management of the library and jointly manage it with the board of directors. In addition to sharing part of the library funds, HELP University College also assign administrators to the library to be responsible for daily administrative tasks.


The library has a rich collection of books, and has continuously added new books over the years, covering the literature, history, biography and reference books of Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. Information is also constantly updated so that the public can learn all aspects of knowledge.

Collection More Then 60,000 Books


Malaysian Public Library Association (MPLA) is Kuala Lumpur’s oldest library. Since its establishment, the library currently has more than 60,000 volumes of books in Chinese, English, Malay, and various translated books to provide members with more comprehensive reading materials.


The majority of MPLA’s collection consists of Chinese books categorized by novels, comics, picture books, literature, tourism, leisure, inspiration, housekeeping, philosophy, medicine, Chinese general history, world history, calligraphy and painting, business, etc. The subjects cover a wide range from classical and modern literature to current topics of interest which includes mystery novels, science fiction, love novels, Malaysian Chinese literature, literature of various countries and classical literature, etc.


The collection of books mainly purchased by MPLA management as well as those donated by library member and the public. In addition to books, there are newspapers and magazines. This non-profit Chinese leisure library, source of fund besides from membership fees, also donation from the public.


With the progress of the era of science and technology, the library also added computer facilities for member to locate books and browse e-resources.



The library adopts “Membership” system, member includes local residents, outstation residents and “Family-type” membership with which parent and children are members of library. This type of family members will visit the library during weekend or public holidays.


The membership fee also affordable to let public benefit from it.  Those need to visit the library are welcome during opening hours. If need to enjoy the library services and facilities, welcome to be a member. In future, the library will organize various kinds of Chinese festivals, the public are welcome to participate and celebrate the festive together.


The library will conduct various interest classes, such Chinese language class, calligraphy class, cross-ethnic cultural workshop, Malaysia Chinese customs and religious beliefs seminar, etc. Besides advocating the inheritance of Chinese culture, the public also will know more about the deepest spiritual culture of the Chinese nation and understand the essence of other ethnics cultures.


Photos of MPLRDC
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In future, the management will upgrade library facilities, promote reading interest, strengthen the relationship and sharing information with members. This includes:

  • Open more reading space
  • Enhance type of book collection
  • Provide book search system (OPAC)
  • Offer computer facility and internet access
  • Organize book sharing and reading activity