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1.  Loans, Recall, Returns and Renewal

          • Members must use own membership card to borrow books and yet this card is not transferrable. Membership card will be charged RM10.00 for replacement.
          • Loans are limited to 4 books / 2 set of books /magazines each time. 
          • The loan period is 30 days; renewals are permitted up to 3 times.
          • For overdue books, a charge of RM0.10 per day per book is imposed. The fine amount is continuously accumulated until the book is returned.
          • For those below 12 years of age, the parent must be an active member.
          • Outstation members/ non-Malaysians need to pay a security deposit of RM60.00 (refundable with official receipt)
          • Members are responsible for library materials borrowed in their names and always be alert about the return date on stamp.
          • For book reservation service, retention period is one week and according to the order of registration.*
          • If not able to attending to Library, for books renewal notice need to be done at least 3 days before expired date. Renewal by WhatsApp, please providing membership number, member code, book title and bar code number of the book.
          • Renewal is not allowed if:
            • the book is overdue
            • the book is reserved by another patron
            • the book is being recalled by the Library

2.  Email Reminders / Overdue Notice

          • The Library system automatically sends 3 email reminders to members for a book borrowed. The reminder or overdue notices are sent 3 days before a book is due, 1 day the book is overdue and 3 days overdue.
          • Email reminders/ overdue notices are merely courtesy reminders.
          • The Library will not be responsible for undelivered emails regardless of circumstances
          • Failure to receive or read emails regardless of circumstance will not be accepted as a valid excuse for the late return of books.
          • Members are advised to refer to the due date stamped on the Date Due slip in the book

3.  Loss and Damages to Library Materials

          • Any losses and damages to library materials must be replaced by the borrower. The charges will be as follows:
            • A replacement copy (being the latest edition at the time of loss) at borrower’s own expense, AND
            • Overdue fines (if any).

4.  Loss of Personal Items

          • The library is not responsible for the loss or damage to personal property or valuables left within library premises. Please do not leave money, wallets, handphones, iPad, and other valuable items unattended.
          • The visiting public and members are urged to put backpacks, handbags or similar bags in designated places, and only wallets, mobile phones and other small personal items are allowed to enter the library.

5.  Subscription Fee, Security Deposit

          • Subscription fee must pay yearly as long as borrowed materials still on loan status.
          • This yearly fee can be waived if book is returned and fee is cleared within loan period.
          • Members must return borrowed items and settle outstanding fines before the security deposit is returned.
          • Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture or deduction of the security deposit.

6.  Copyright

          • Copyright protection in Malaysia is governed by the Copyright Act 1987.
          • Members must comply with copyright laws and licensing agreements when using computers, software, online resources, and photocopying facilities.
          • Copyright Act 1987 click here

7.  General

          • Members should be decently attired.
          • Minimum noise level should be observed in the Library. Mobile phones should be kept on silent mode in order not to disturb other users.
          • Patrons who do not comply with the Library rules and regulations or cause disturbances may be asked to leave the Library by the library staff
          • Reservation of seats is not allowed in the library. Any items left unattended in the Library will be removed
          • Eating and smoking are not allowed within library premises. Water in a bottle or container is allowed. All other beverages are not allowed.