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Scholarships and Financial Assistance

MPLRDC’s Educational Enhancement Initiative

The Educational Enhancement Initiative (EEI) is an important strategy in the MPLRDC’s effort to contribute to the well-being of the Malaysian community.

The EEI aims to solicit funds to be awarded to high school students realize their higher education goals.

The target groups are:

  • Youths from middle- to low-income families

who may not be able to enter the public universities where places are limited under the government’s affirmative action plan for the Malay community, and who cannot afford the fees of private universities;

  • High achieving students

for whom a prize in the form of a financial reward would be an apt recognition of their scholastic capability, which could also function as a scholarship to help fund intended postgraduate or professional studies;

  • Marginalized groups

such as the rural and urban poor, individuals disadvantaged by social, geographic or cultural circumstances or poor infrastructure, refugees and indigenous communities.

Since education is the bedrock of a progressive and cultured society, MPLRDC will prioritize its Educational Enhancement Initiative as an important and effective tool to achieve its objective of helping to maximise the intellectual and skills capabilities of Malaysian youths as a foundation for a meaningful life.
Since the MPLRDC is officially designated as an NGO (non-governmental organization), any funds it receives are exempt from tax.